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Omar Cervantes
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What Caused the Great Depression?

In the Roaring Twenties, society changed drastically towards our Modern America. Women’s role in society was revolutionized in the 1920s by getting the right to vote and they started to act very rebellious as well. They also started to smoke, drink, getting an education, casual dating, dressing very boyish, and showing more skin in movies and on the streets. They stopped cooking so often or not at all for their husband because they weren’t that many stay at home wives during this time. The African American culture boomed tremendously during a period called the Harlem Renaissance. During the Harlem Renaissance African American got more rights and respect in society. They were very famous for their jazz music and some authors and painters became very famous during this period. In the 1920s there was new technology, more people getting diplomas in college and in high school, and the rebellious youth started to have the mentality of living in the present and worrying about the future. These major factors of having a huge income gap, the tariff policies, and speculation are the reason why the 1920s led to the Great Depression.

The Credit in the 1920s of the American people was going well until the banking industry started to do bad because they were making poor decisions. They were giving out too many bad loans which put them in a bad position because everyone started to want their money back from the bank. This caused a chain reaction and then everyone wanted their money back and the problem was that the bank didn’t have the people’s money because they had given it out for loans. Most