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My name is Matias. I am an officer within the Guatemalan capital. My shift that I work is typically in the evening but I am now covering for a friend in the morning. My duties and responsibilities consist of trafficking and patrolling. In all reality my real job and real true income comes from exporting trafficking women. It is common knowledge among the locals that such things are done. Over the years the President who he himself openly spoke out against drugs, violence, and corruption in the government is by far the most hypocritical reject of them all. Just a few years ago his wife was found beaten and interrogated. A long drawn out investigation was implemented and how they concluded was the security team that is to protect the president executed the kidnapping and beating. But that’s life here in Guatemala, you just come to peace with how things are run and done. Don’t get me wrong, its safe as long as you know the right people. Back to that reject of a president he tries to enforce law through a higher caliber. Instead of using what the rest of the world calls law enforcement, he engaged in martial law by using military force. If you look at our history you will find the same idiotas rise up. You can call them kings or dictators, or tyrants they are all the same. When the dust settles at the end of the day they murder, cheat, and steal, just as did the last before them. Getting back to my day I found three young thirteen year olds that needed to be guided down a different street. My job is to point and throw a few lies on the table. I don’t know what happens when they go down that street, I don’t ask. I could say that I am paid well not to ask questions. You could judge me if you wanted but this is just how things are done if you want to stay on top and not be walked on. If enyone goes to call me or anyone out on my occupation its easy to handle it; charge them for something that put fear in them. Inshort they shut up after a few time being thrown in jail.
You have to dip your hand in certain pockets that are not likable among the community if you want to see that your family is provided for. I often reflect on my