My Odyssey

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My Odyssey In the course of events of my life, I have traveled to many places. To leave my homeland was an astounding and abrupt moment. Driving through Spain, France, and Portugal to small and far away towns were stressful trips. Traveling by plane to Majorca, an island in the Mediterranean Sea was slow, exhausting, and long. However, neither leaving my country nor driving in the old continent was as unendurable as my odyssey going to America. As a Cuban-Spaniard citizen, the desire to leave my footprint on the U.S border in Texas led me to collide with hard experiences such as flying many hours, very bad weather, deep emotions, and assorted immigration officers. To be involved in such hazardous journey made me invoke God more times than I wished. It is fair to say how confident I was when I left Madrid; but, my luck just changed when the weather did. Traveling across France, I saw the land snowy and the sky was gray. It was like a typical medieval winter day; but, it wasn’t, it was year 2010. Suddenly, the wind started to blow strongly and the plane was experiencing turbulences. Immediately, the passenger beside me, whose name I can’t remember, commenced to pray and requested God’s help. A few minutes later, I was praying too. While it was happening, the stewardess was indicating to us to lock our seat belts; it was a clear sign that it could be our last day on earth. Although the storm occurred, we survived and the worst didn’t happen. After a two-hour flight, we landed at the Charles de Gaulle Airport. Besides, I had to wait five hours for my flight because it was icy and too cold in Paris. Such weather had been unexpected and it was the worst snow storm in the last 20 years. After we departed from France, many airports in Europe, including the Charles de Gaulle, were closed for two days and air traffic collapsed. I thought that the rest of trip was going to be easy, but, it wasn’t. I never imagined that I would have to fly in so many planes and ride in many taxis in a few short days.

I had to use five planes and eight taxis to get to Miami, Florida; however, the most terrible was the Airbus airplane flight flying to Amerigo Vespuccian continent. While I was traveling in this modern marvel, I remembered that I had to be happy due to the fact that I had succeeded phase number one, leaving Europe for the next destination, Mexico City. This part of the journey was long and strange because the route was on the north of Atlantic Ocean, so, we saw the southwest