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Name of Article: The Future of Blacks in Mainstream Media Is Uncertain
Date: 3/27/2013
Author: ForHarriet | Tatiana Brown
Question 1: Do you think the firing of these people was intentional discrimination or unintentional discrimination? These different forms of discrimination can be constructed by distinguishing the extent to which is a discriminatory act. The intentional discrimination act is carried out consciously and deliberately. Then the unintentional discrimination is not consciously or deliberately sought out, but is the result of unconscious factors such as stereotypes or process that that have unintended outcomes. Some people might say this is carried out when your boss is different race that the employee that he fired. I just feel as if every good thing must come to an end. They all had their reasons for them leaving their jobs. Michael Bastion lost his radio show because they could not reach a good agreement. Roland Martin and Soledad O'Brien have also been dismissed as analysts and have had their roles redefined at CNN, respectively. Roland Martin will continue to work as a columnist and analyst for TVOne. Soledad O'Brien is forming her own production company called Starfish Media Group.
Question 2: Would you consider this a “women” or “men” job? The certain jobs people call women jobs are secretaries, teacher assistants, receptionists, dental assistants, child care…