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Topic: In at least two of the texts studied, to what extent do we sympathise with the teachers? How is this achieved? Texts: ‘The Prodigy’ by Herman Hesse, ‘Mr.Raynor, The English Teacher’
The teachers in both stories have completely different characters and teaching methods, also the way how they treat their pupils is very different. The reader does not know anything about their private lives which makes it harder to make an opinion on those people. However, we can say a lot about whether they are passionate about their work or not.
The “Prodigy“ teachers take their job very seriously. They are strict and uncompromising. There is only one type of student, which is a great student. If a student seems to be losing his interested in the subject, he automatically becomes unwanted.
Mr.Raynor, on the other hand, does not take his job seriously at all. He obviously has got a considerable problem with his self-confidence, which makes him an aggressive and bigoted person. He lives in his own idealized world which seems to be more important to him than the real one.
PART 1- The “Prodigy“
Paragraph i. Teaching plays a huge role in their lives, might be the only happiness they have, which could explain their behaviour and why they put so much pressure on their students. However, their passion for the specific subject they teach could be also motivation for the students.
Paragraph ii. The students are expected to be “robots”, the teachers treat them as an adults, while they are just little boys who have lost their childhood. When the student fails or does not try to be perfect, the teacher loses his interest in the pupil immediately (apart from the headmaster who still believes in Han’s potential and tries to convince him that the school should take the first place in the life of the intelligent boy). However, the teachers are educated people who are respected by their students (Heilner is the only student who does not respect the teachers).
Paragraph iii. The teachers’ stringent behaviour and the way they treat the pupils makes the reader wonder why they behave like that. Were they treated in the same way when they