Examples Of A True Hero

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What is a true hero? What makes a person heroic? Many think that the only heroes are the ones on television like Batman or Superman. Or they think that firefighters and policeman are the heroes in our community because they save people from danger. A hero is someone who sacrifices things that they have for the better of other people. Now if you think about it, the heroes we think of are the firefighters and police officers, but what they do is their job. They are supposed to save that person from the second story of a burning house or stop that guy that just robbed a convenient store. But what so they really do when they are not on duty? True heroes do things that are not their job or duty. For most people, they think that the super heroes on television like Spiderman, Superman, or Batman are the only heroes we have. We idolize them as heroes because they stop the bad guy from taking over the world, or because they save people from certain death with their super strength and their flying ability. But all those heroes are fantasies and not reality. The heroes that we have are in our community and amongst our peers. A lot of people are poor in this world, we all know that. We’ve all seen homeless people standing out on the street holding up signs that say “need money,” or “a place to stay.” What a hero would do is help that person out by either giving them a little money or maybe even buy them a couple nights in a motel. Heroes are the people that do small things to