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A Doll House
Terry Hill
January 30, 2014
Valery Reed
A Doll House
In the movie A Doll House the writer in the beginning clearly portrayed the main family of the movie as one of perfection. The family consisted of a hard working father a beautiful house wife and three lovely children. The writer led us to believe that this relationship between the man and his wife was on a solid foundation and that nothing could come between them. Later it was revealed that the husband would put his status and pride before their marriage. The wife thought better of him and eventually the husband ways lead to their departure. The image of the husband in the beginning of the movie was that of a man who would never allow anything to come between himself and his family. The writer also led us to believe the same about the wife who eventually came to the reality that she did not know the man she was married to. She could not accept the fact that the man she married would allow public opinion and pride to come between them.
Some literary conventions and devices that were used were imagery and symbolism. Imagery was used in the form of love. From the very beginning of the movie love and affection was displayed through kissing and hugging, giving, dancing and saying the words I love you. The movie took place during the Christmas holiday and the Christmas spirit of love, cheerfulness and family was prevalent. Symbolism was also used in the form of family. The writer displayed the importance of family throughout the movie. The family in the beginning showed closeness in one another through communication, spending time and affection.
The writer displayed imagination because he showed that everything that looks good from the outside is not always good. Almost the entire movie he led the audience to believe that that the husband and wife bond could not be broken. The wife not being able to forgive her husband in the end and walking away from her husband and children also showed imagination. It took a great deal of courage for her to walk away from an eight year marriage at the drop of a dime. For her walk away from her children showed signs of selfishness. She did not take the time to consider that her kids would be without their mother. Even though her husband begged her not to leave them she only considered what was best for her.
The writer influenced my experience by seeing that you can be with a person a lifetime and still not know who they