My Parents Think They Love Me

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So My Parents Think They Love Me

So let me start off by saying I am no professional story teller, but I am a great story teller. My stories are always true whether a person will believe my story or not. And that is the problem. My stories are true, I swear, but not everyone believes them. I have knowledge more than my parents think and they believe that I am trying to make them liars. But let me tell you my mom is very uneducated, but she acts like she is highly educated and you know what she is. She is educated through experience. Well I am educated through school, books, novels, novellas, articles, magazines, newspapers, and of course the Internet. My parents really know how to be a couple, they always back each other up, well not always, but always when they yell at me. I know every child gets yelled at, but maybe not the way I do. My mom when she yells at me she makes up stories and false accusations as she yells at me. So I don't understand she always call me a liar, but in reality she is the liar and she sees what I say as lies. I don't know what I do that makes my parents so upset. I never yell at them, I don't lie, I keep my room sufficiently clean, and I never have actually asked for anything. I know thing cost money so I take cold showers, I read at night with the lights off, I turn off the water when I brush my teeth, I don't use conditioner, I always wear hand-me-down and sale clothing, I have been using the same ripped backpack for 5 years, I print my essays