My Parents Who Are The Source Of Motivation To Push Me Forward

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Dinh Ho
Professor Yin
English 112
05 February 2013
My Parents Who Are the Source of Motivation to Push Me Forward People have had their own stories which have impacted their lives. The stories could be about a significant incident or someone that could change our life around. The life is not always simple; it is full of problems and surprise. People’s job is to solve the problems as well as understand the surprises in the way that make them feel better and happier. We become more motivated when we have a person next to us trying to help us understand the meaning of life. There is a story I want to tell anyone who asks about my period of time when I lived in my country. The story is about my parents who are the most important people in my life because they have taught me how to overcome difficulties and achieve my dream.
I still remember the day my dream came true. It was the first day of college. At the same time I was so happy for the people that helped me going through many things. They are my parents; they suffered a lot when they were young. Like other people they had dreams that they wanted to accomplish. One of my parents’ dreams was a good education. At their early years of their age, however, the country they were living in did not give them the opportunity to go to college. The main reason why was because the country was under war, and another reason was their homes were not enough money for college. It is why they wanted their children to have a good education. They wanted us to accomplish what he was never accomplish, which was going to college. My parents might have never been to college, but it does not mean that they are not educated. They taught me many things, not only educational things but also life, what kind of person I should be. I’m still learning from them. My parents never lie, look down on anyone, or speak ill of anyone. Many people do these things sometimes, even though they know that they are bad. But I never see them doing those. I remember one day when I was studying in history class, teacher asked the class to make one short test. One of my classmates had zero, and teacher yelled at him. Everyone in class looked down, and laughed at him, of course, me too. I told my parents about him when I got home, and said that “He’s so stupid, right?” My parents scolded me; they said “Is it really funny? Laughing on the suffering of others makes you feel happy? How would you feel if you were him?” I was silent and thinking what parents said. I recognized that how bad I was, and I felt regret. My parents taught me a lesson in dignity, and I think I’m becoming like them little by little. I’m a kinder person than before.
While thinking of my past, I stopped for one moment at one part that has been in my mind for so long. I remember when I was a child, I did not like to read books or go to school. One night I was in my room listening music. My mother knocked on the door. I opened the door and I saw her so angry. She turned off the music and said: “Come and sit here for one moment!” I went there. I was so scared because I didn’t know what that was about. She told me that listening to music all day is not a good idea. I was trying to convince her that I liked music. She said that you can listen to the music after you finish this book. I did not really wanted to read that book but I had too. I had to tell him the summary of the book after finishing it. After one week I read the entire book. I approached my mother so happy because I finished it and I thought that I was not going to read another one. But my mother was pushing me to read books day after day