My Passion In Design

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Living in a modern-day society has changed my perspective of what can’t be and what can be. We have to agree that today’s technology has significantly changed the behavior of our society far beyond our current comprehension. As the rapid changes due to today’s technology continue to rise, so does our industries. For many changes that have occurred in this past decade, allowing us to discover some of the new careers and job opportunities in this new path.
When I was a kid, I was always interested in exploring my ideas, creativities, and visualize things. I realized that I am passionate about design since I really enjoy to create something unique using my ideas. Design allows me to express myself in a more personal way, where I can regulate and
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I remember having myself intrigued to computers those days, I was involved in computer club to pursue my curiosity. I learned the basic of programming, networking, and making some interesting engineering projects. Dabbling through that area was an eye-opener for me because it helped me to realize how changing the world today, and what careers I would want to pursue in the future.
Connecting the dots between both passion in technology and design is an interesting idea to me. I realize that today’s designers have so many new technologies and tools that can be used in the realization of our ideas. The way 3D printing changes the manufacturing industry is simply an explanation to it. By using its flexibility of building up desired object that can be designed in a computer, have transform the way we create and innovate. Unlike the traditional manufacturing methods, it is easier, cost-effective and giving us more freedom in creating complex shapes based on our
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Being around with international students from all over the world with different backgrounds, cultures, ideas will be an opportunity for me to learn values from diversified standpoints. It will help me seeing things from different perspectives and appreciate the differences between cultures, while also experiencing the deep similarities between people, which is good for my personal development. And one country that I have always aiming for is Japan. Japan has been known for its combination of modern technologies and great cultures. I am amazed by how the people maintain the value of good ethics, hard work, and are full of respect. It creates a save and supportive atmosphere that leads to modern-day