My Personal Ethics Statement

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My personal ethics statement Ethics are important and valuable to just about any situation. It could whether you are at work or at home. Ethics represent the moral principles that us as humans possess. Having moral principles does not stop people from committing wrongful acts. Everyone views ethics differently depending on the culture that he or she is from. Ethics is something that should keep in their lives no matter what is going on. Having ethics should be rational and fit in with your life without interference in a negative way. Ethics can range from a number of things including: honesty, teamwork, courage, and actions.
Honesty is the act of telling the truth without any lies. Honesty is what helps to keep a clear conscience. It also helps those around you feel more comfortable being around you. Honesty is extremely important in the workplace. Scott (2015) provides a great definition, “honesty encourages open communication between employers, employees and co-workers” (p. 1). In the workplace, if there isn’t open communication between everyone working there, it can cause havoc in the establishment. Being honest also helps others around you to trust you. Trust is also a key role in a work place. Honesty also plays a key role in teamwork.
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For example, working in an emergency room is one of the best ways to explain teamwork. This is because it takes more than one to keep an emergency room going. There are nurses, doctors, maintenance workers, and even housekeeping specialists. Without teamwork certain projects would never get done the right way because everyone plays a certain part. Some people do certain tasks better than others and vice