My Potength And Strengths Of A Letter

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Abdi Mohamoud
1155 West Grove Parkway
Tempe , AZ 85283

Mrs. Linda Sweet
7050 24th St .
Phoenix , AZ 85042 Aug 28, 2008 Dear Mrs. Sweet, My name is Abdi Mohamoud, and I’m a class of 2008 graduate at Marcos de Niza . I’m also new to Arizona , only been here a year. My purpose in writing this letter is to tell you about my strength and weaknesses as a writer. After reading this letter you will find out of what I’m capable of and also in what areas in writing I need help in. I can see myself already progressing in your class, like you said u don’t give the grade you give yourself the grade. First, let me tell you abut my strength as a writer, I already know how to properly structure a paragraph from beginning, middle and end. Another thing I’m good at is avoiding sentence fragments and run-on sentences. Finally I also know how to sentence shift making the story come alive. I do have weaknesses that you should know about. When it comes to writing, one thing I always feel uncertain about is expressing my full thoughts onto the sheet of paper. I got the ideas in my head its just that I don’t how to express it. Secondly, I need help with grammars and punctuations; I have trouble with locating them were they belong. One of my biggest weaknesses is using detailed words or just using words proper to your age. I have trouble using meaningful words on my papers. I look forward to