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Passage Analysis
When Steinbeck uses literary devices to create a character in passage 3, he uses comparison of
religion. That is very familiar to many people worldwide. Everyone is familiar to God or heard
about God so without telling or explaining about it, the author just assumes that the reader
already knows. So the reader can relate and understand what the author is talking about giving
thus more information to the reader also giving a viewpoint from which the reader already
When “Slim moved back slightly so the light was not on his face” making Slim seem
important and God-like “George looked over at slim and saw the calm, God-like eyes fastened
on him” giving slim a God-like structure. So Steinbeck made Slim seem almost as a God and
George who has “the tone of confession” when speaking to Slim, seems to tell Slim a lot of
information which is rare because they had just met. This makes the reader feel as if George was
speaking to a priest in the confession booth, not a friend.
Slim is character, almost as a leader to others. When Slim speaks the room would flood with
silence. Showing that the people around Slim encouraged his idea’s and have much respect for
him, so people would highly take his advice. This is similar to the ancient times where the priest
of the tribe or town is seen as a god, someone they can follow, trust and respect. The people look
up to priest because priest look up at Jesus. When slim “just sat back quiet and receptive”
waiting on a…