My Rapid City: A Short Story

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It’s my 14th birthday! Off with my friends, we go to Rapid City. When we get to Rapid the first thing we are gonna do is go to the mall. The friends I took with me is Katana and Missy. I also took my favorite cousin Brooklyn. All in all we are gonna have a great day in Rapid!

I wanted some of my friends to come with us to Rapid City so I asked my aunt. She said yes, so I called Katana, Missy and my cousin Brooklyn. My auntie and I were driving to Eagle Butte in my grandma’s Chrysler van, to go and get my friends and my cousin. We picked Brooklyn up first at her house in B.I.A. Next, we went and got Missy on Darkside. Then, we picked up Katana at No Heart. After we picked them all up we went to Ampride to put gas in our vehicle and get snacks for our trip.
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I could not wait till we got to the mall because I get to eat at my favorite place China Pantry the food there is so delicious! Katana said she could not wait until we gotta go shop. We were in Union Center and we had to use the bathroom. My auntie Darla pulled into the Cow Town Mall so we all could use the restroom. After we were all done using the bathroom we went on our way to Rapid City. We turned on the cut across road to Rapid and I turned around to see what Katana, Missy, and Brooklyn were doing and they were all