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Comparing and Contrasting LINC and ELT Being an immigrant to Canada force you to study English; because in a Country where the first language is English, you must know how communicate with others. There are many programs that help newcomers to improve their English skills and to integrate into the workforce; for example, Language Instruction for Newcomers to Canada (LINC) and Enhanced Language Training (ELT). Both programs have similarities and differences in cost, program focus, requirements and duration. The LINC and ELT program have the same goal, which is to help newcomers with their English skills. Neither LINC nor ELT have a cost. Both programs are free, so people do not need to pay any fee to enroll on each program. In other words, you do not have to be worried if you are not working and making money. On the other hand, to enroll in LINC program people must be a permanent resident or protected person; likewise, for ELT program only permanent resident or protected person are eligible to enroll in the program. In fact, prospective participants have to submit a copy of their Permanent Residence (PR) card or a protected person letter. Although the LINC program has similar requirements, the ELT program needs additional information as Canadian Language Benchmark Level 6 and 7, Post-secondary degree or diploma and work experience, so potential students have to present their resume with all the information about position summary, responsibilities, and qualifications in current or latest jobs, and Educational documents as any papers that prove they finish a degree or diploma. While both programs have the same goal and some of the same requirements, there are several differences from each other. LINC program provides an academic approach and standard suited to internationally trained professionals. In other words, LINC is an academic program with strong emphasis in grammar, reading, writing, listening and speaking; also it provides students necessary skills and confidence to apply this knowledge in their daily life. In addition, the LINC program has a dedicated language lab with Internet access and ESL software, and separate classes for each LINC level (CLB 3- 7). On the other hand, the ELT program provides language for the workplace (CLB 7-10), Canadian workplace culture, employment preparation, career exploration, and the most important thing Canadian work experience gained through an eight week unpaid work placement. Finally, the duration of the each program varies. The LINC program is done in 14 weeks in class program, so students have to attend classes Monday to Friday for at least four months each level. In contrast, ELT program is done in 10 weeks in class program plus eight weeks unpaid work placement. For instance, students have to attend classes Monday to Friday for at least 2 months and a half, and additionally they will do two months of work without payment. In conclusion, both programs give newcomers the opportunity to learn English and help them to integrate into Canadian society. These similarities and differences provide people more options at the moment to decide what they are interested in, or which program is better for them.