My Reactions to Everything Under One Roof Essay

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English 101
Everything Under One Roof Wal-Mart’s Super-Centers are way more than just a regular department store. They are a cornucopia of delightful shopping. At a Wal-Mart Super-Center you can find electronics and household goods, parts for your car, and a huge selection of books and music that would blow your mind. When it comes to a variety of goods for sale under one roof, there isn’t another store in the U.S. that can top it. Rows and rows of never ending aisles are filled with an amazing assortment of products. I have even seen people become lost in a Super Wal-Mart, it’s that big! Walking up and down the seemingly endless aisles, you can almost feel your wallet working its way out of your pants pocket. The place just screams for you to spend money. Often, I’ll go in just to pick up some milk, and walk out with a shopping cart full or stuff I don’t need. Wal-Mart should change its name to Wal-Tempatation. There’s both an inside and outside portion (lawn and garden center). Who knew that Wal-Mart sold plants and trees? When you walk out to the garden center your nostrils are hit with the inoculating scent of the outdoors. They have literally hundreds of different kinds of potted plants, with beautiful colors of red, yellow, and gold. Their beautiful colors, and even their names-Marigold, Tulips, Daisy-suggest a gorgeous spring day. Farther on, tall golden Sun Flowers, bright as the California sun, suggest a return to summer. Super