My Relationship With Technology

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My Relationship with Technology
Wilmer Lopez
Intro to Business & Technology/BUSN-115
14th October 2013
Professor Alexander

How has technology changed your relationship with specific businesses or organizations, such as your bank, your school, your place of worship, and your favorite places to shop?
I think technology has created major changes in the daily live by providing many easy services without the interference of any kind physical activity. In today’s world most of the organizations adapted to different technologies to carry out their work activities in an efficient manner. The fact behind such rapid adaption of technology is due to its speedy and fast accessibility to any kind of information. It has made life easier by providing is it the best and rapid solution across all the organizations. An organization has various needs and wants in order to grow up and develop. These needs can be classified in the form of calling, speed, and digitization. Costumer is priority. This saying is very much is very much right in context of the fact that firms operate serve the costumers needs and demands. Innovation and enhanced technology also come in the framework. Technology has changed my relationship with my bank now is going online because community banking history is filled with more personal approaches such as calling me by my name and knowing my personal banking preferences. Most community banks have done a pretty good job doing that.
Now they must adapt to my needs as customer, who is doing banking on-line or by automatic transactions (Thomas, 2013).

Has it strengthened or weakened your relationship?
I would say that technology has weakened my relationship, because I start my day by checking email, skimming the latest headlines, and posting something ambiguous. Then, I spend the rest of my day texting, messaging, browsing, posting, updating, tweeting, watching and sharing.
Too often I develop shallow friendship with people for who share a common interest and/or friend, without engaging in meaningful discussion. Too often I hide behind a screen to avoid pain and confrontation when there is a lot to gain from doing so.

How has technology affected your relationship with your family, friends, colleagues or business associates, and community?
Technology has affected my relationship with my family, friends, colleagues, business and community. Today, social interaction is developed. In this essay I will describe effective forms of technology on social contact and I will distinguish whether those are effective or not. We are witness that a family who their members are even in different continents, because of job opportunity and educational position. Consequently, all members of my family, I will get in contacted with them by telephone, mail or virtual/online connection by internet because they live out the country and is the only way that I can get in contacted with them so, this will be affected my relationship ("Ielts task2 -," 2013).
Also, the most