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My Research Paper: Issue and Theory

The purpose of this research paper is to inform and assess Ms. Washburn’s strengths as well as the problems she is facing due to health issues, her recent losses, and financial stability. Will also assess the client’s environment as well as work towards goals that both the social worker and the client can come to an agreement with. Develop a plan for changing that which both the client and the social worker agree needs changing. Talk about key concepts in the Ecological Theory and give rational reasoning and example to support it. Will summarize information regarding biophysical, psychological, social, and spiritual dimensions. Finally, discuss oppression,
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Getting involved in community-based programs such as these can also help her to become part of the community and can be a type of social network she can be part of. Not only will this help her sense of loneliness and loss she feels but can also help her overall wellbeing.
Theoretical Perspective
Using the Ecological Theory would be the best theory to use in Ms. Washburn’s case. Assessing Ms. Washburn developmental status as an aging adult, the settings in which she interacts such as her doctor’s office, her church, and the roles that she plays in each. Bronfenbrener’s (as cited in Roger, 2010), states that evaluating key concepts of adaption: how Ms. Washburn adjusts to her environment, coping: the way Ms. Washburn is reacting to her son and grandsons loss, energy: the way Ms. Washburn engages with people in her environment, this could be both input and output, interdependence: the relationship Ms. Washburn has with her environment as well as the people in it and if they are reciprocal relationships, and transactions: the positive or negative transactions Ms. Washburn has with her neighbors and well as people in her environment which can help the social worker administer the client’s situation and having the client understand the social worker, which can make the whole process easier. Also, the way Ms. Washburn perceives her experiences and her environment affects the way she feels. Social workers need to find out