My Role as An Adult Essay examples

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Being an adult in today's society, I believe in some ways my opinion will become a little more important, at least the government makes it seem that way. When you turn 18 and become an adult many more responsibilities are pushed onto your plate. When you become an adult you are exposed to all the real life issues in the world and it is then your decision if you want to respond to them or not. These issues can consist of, voting, racism, gender, and war. When I turn 18 it is going to be my job to stand up for what I believe in and hold to that. When you become an adult you have a lot more responsibilities to overtake. You are now the only one in charge of yourself and you now make all of your own decisions in your life. I feel like even though the government lets us vote on certain laws we want, our voice doesn’t always get heard. I feel like sometimes no matter what we vote on the executive votes can always overpower ours.
In the future, when I have kids and a family I am going to teach them that no matter what people say, it is very important to have a voice with things you’re passionate about. I believe that it is ok for everyone to have their own opinion but before people start judging one situation they need to make sure they know both sides of what’s going on. I think this issue of judgmental people comes up a lot with big events. The media doesn’t help this situation at all. I feel like the media sometimes can make a situation worse because they come up with…