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A. Which clue would tell Stefan which scapular surface was anterior and which was posterior? Whit is the name of the shallow, oval socket of the scapular that Stefan placed next to the humerus? The major types of surface marking that bones have are the depression and openings. They include fissure, foramen, fossa, sulcus, meatus, process, condyle, facet head, crest, epicondyle, line, spineous process, trochanter, tubercle, land the tuberosity.

B. Which bone is Stefan referring to as the “collarbone”?

They found a metopic suture on an adult skull. Right after birth the left side and right side of the birth bone are united by the metopic suture. The suture should have disappeared between the ages of six to eight years old. They are only founded in 5 to 10% of people.

C. Which surface makings could Stefan use to distinguish the right humerus form the left?
The skeletal structures that are found inside the nasal cavity that might be missing from a excavated skull would be the perpendicular plate, middle and inferior nasal concha and the vomer.
D. Why would Stefan think that an enlarged right deltoid tuberosity might indicate right-handedness?
They would be able to tell the ages of the skeletal remains of the woman and the baby by the four main sutures suck as coronal suture, sagittal suture, lambdoid suture, and the squamous sutures.

E. What is the location of the pubic symphysis Stefan refers to in the story?

The features that the larger skeletal