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Connection Paper #1

Management Connection Paper

This chapter of the text contained two sections on different styles of management. The first section takes the reader through a long and active day of an Agency CEO. The second section was an account of two women who are in management positions in the NASW. The contributors of the two sections emphasized similar areas of importance: the need to be dynamic and versatile as well as the influence a management position can have over change. The agency CEO operated on a smaller level than that of the two NASW executives; however all of the individuals involved were responsible for implementing new programs, leading meetings, and ensuring that policies were being followed. The two readings differed in what the contributors felt was most important for the individual involved in management. While it is true that all of the contributors encouraged continuing education to improve and increase your skills, the agency CEO declared physical health as an absolute must, whereas the NASW managers emphasized the need to progress and to be mindful of not allowing one’s current position to limit their future career. Before reading this text I had never considered a position in management. It just did not seem as though someone in a managerial position did anything except push papers. However, the readings revealed that there is so much more to a management position than my preconceptions. I was amazed at the level of hands-on work involved in a managerial position. As far as I could gather from the texts, a manager may not act directly with the client, but they are incredibly vital in creating and implementing policies and programs to better serve the client. I was very satisfied with the way that their days were presented to us, because the contrasts in the descriptions and amounts of detail given shows that none of the authors are trying to glamorize their jobs, but that they are remaining realistic and objective in their presentation of the information. The way that the authors portrayed social work management makes it apparent that it is an extremely demanding position. As Janice Fristad and Dr. Marjorie Baney of the second section discuss, it is very difficult on families and personal