My Son's Tattoos: Rhetorical Analysis

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Respond appropriately in writing to a variety of different rhetorical situations (considering purpose, audience, context, exigencies) and in response to a variety of texts;
Focus: Thesis Essay- My Son’s Tattoos:
Writing about the essay My Son’s Tattoos in a thesis essay format allowed me to break down the purpose behind the writing. I analyzed the author’s intentions, and her reasoning for writing about her son’s ever growing tattoo collection. Then, I examined the audience and context of the entire situation, because it seemed important to get an understanding of how an essay like this could impact a person or set group of people. Getting a full understanding for this writing and it’s overall impact, was beneficial when looking at it from
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Using the Curry College database, I analyzed numerous quotes and experiences from former NFL players who felt victimized by a certain coach or group of medical staff. While writing my paper, I took points from both sides of the argument, and made sure to reinforce my beliefs and disprove the other side’s thoughts. It was important for me to show I had a full grasp of the topic and all the different information at hand. Towards the end of the paper, there was also an abstract portion of my writing, where I expanded on where this exact problem was going. Using the thesis I created in the pre-writing process, I successfully analyzed different views on a topic that is destroying the largest sport’s league in America.

Locate, evaluate, incorporate, and document research sources in their writing appropriately at an introductory level;
Spending a day at the library in order to understand the Curry College database was an experience I needed in order to succeed in my argument paper. I was able to pick out information and different points in academic journals, and apply them to the thesis I had formed early on. Practicing how citations work in the middle of a paper, I thought expanded my ability to support an argument without repeating the same basic sentiments multiple times. It felt essential to add a new skill to my writing repertoire, in order to continue to