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The Environment is the major determinant of the health of the community.

Protecting Public Health Includes: * Sewage * Chemicals * Air * Water

About 100 years ago we realized we needed to be worried about * Chronic Disease * Working Conditions

What is DDT most widely known for? * Kills Mosquitoes and stops malaria. * Pesticide

What decade led to the beginning of the Environmental Protection Agency and environmental regulations in the U.S.A? * 1970s

Why did environment activities and civil rights activist need to work together? * Working Conditions for Latinos * MLK Jr went to Memphis to help with Working Conditions For Latinos * Cesar Chavez also helped improve farming conditions to stop the use of pesticides.

What does the environmental justice mean? * When the people who are effected by a problem take part in the decision to come up with a solution

What are some of the INDOOR hazards that need to be considered? * Mold * Termites * Pests * Air Quality

How have we made changes to help KIDS stay healthy? * Lead out the paint * Immunizations

We make the assumption that chemicals stay in the products that they start in, but what really happened? * Getting out bodies, food, water and air

We realize now more than ever before that our human activity affect the biosphere and the environment.

In turn what happens in the environment affects human health.

The challenge today is to recognize the interconnections between our air, our water, and our soil and what it means for population health.

NOTES * Environmental Health – study of how environment factors affect human health and our quality of life * Biological Hazards * Organisms that can harm human