My Strengths And Weaknesses As A Writer Essay

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My Strengths and Weaknesses as a Writer As a writer I have many strengths and weaknesses. I am not the best writer but, I always try my hardest. Looking back at my paper I really need to work on some major things, such as: comma placement, paragraph unity, slang and my usage of vague words. I need to make sure that I keep a good conclusion and avoid comma splices. One problem I noticed in my paper was where I was placing my commas. I knew I needed commas to avoid a run-on sentence or a comma splice, but I need to work placing them better. To fix this problem I will go back to my notes and reread the punctuation part or I can go to Moodle and reread the comma notes. Reading through the comma notes will help me because they give examples for me to correct.
A major weakness that I have as a writer is, my paragraph unity. I really need to make sure that my paragraphs go along with what my thesis says. I tend to think about more things as I write my paper and forget to include them in my thesis. It is very easy for me to get off topic when writing a paper. To get better I will fill out an outline for every paper and make sure I go by that outline. This
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When writing I really need to avoid those problems because it can make me sound like I am less educated. It can also confuse the reader. To make sure the reader knows what I am talking about, I will stop using the words “it’s and things.” I also need to avoid using slang because my generation might know what I am talking about but an older generation may not have a clue. To fix this problem I can look up more educated words and take out the vague words. In my last paper I went back and tried to take out all of the “things” I used in my paper. After I found all of them, I went in my “Little Brown Handbook” and looked for more educated words. Doing that saved me a lot of points, but I still need to make sure that I do not have any other vague words or slang in my