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Annika Otterson
Mrs. Pulu
6 March 2013
Chapter Six Essay In chapter six, Cultural Geography of the United States and Canada, it talks about how the US and Canada developed into nations. It talks about how immigrants traveled to those places to become free. Today in the United States there are about 270 million people, 76 persons per square mile. That 270 million is made up from people all over the world. Like the United States, Canada also has a large population. Canada has about 31 million people, 9 persons per square mile. Both nations though have a diverse population. The United States and Canada are home to diverse communities. Both nations are free but unlike the US, Canada has strong ties to Great Britain. Settlers from overseas came to these nations in search for freedom and a chance to start new. Since Canada has close ties to Great Britain, the British way of life has a strong influence on Canadian government. For the most part, Canada is a self-governing nation. Unlike the United States which is a democracy, Canada, is a Constitutional Monarchy. They, like us, have a constitution. In 1763, France, which today still owns a major part of Canada, had to give up a great part of its empire in North America to the British; therefore the US lost all major connections with Canada. Thus becoming separate nations. The United States expanded their territory by buying land. They bought Alaska from Russia in 1867, and it became a valuable resource because of its gold deposits, oil, and other valuable resources. Both nations have developed into strong, well led places. They both had inventions that led them to their developing. In the 1900’s, the United States and Canada were used to supply the manufacture of military equipment needed for armed forces and for their allies around the world, thus solidifying the need to be strong nations. Religious freedom is a main reason why immigrants traveled to the United States and Canada. In 1774, a law recognizing French Canadian religious rights was passed by the British parliament. After the United States became an independent country, citizens were guaranteed religious freedom under the constitution. The ability to practice any religion has led to the diverse cultures of today. Most people who are members of an organized religion in the US and Canada are Christians. In the US, more than one-half are Protestants while the other one-fifth are Roman Catholic. However, in Canada, Roman Catholics make up almost one-half of all religious people, while Judaism, Islam, and Buddhism make up the rest of the religions in Canada and the US. All