My Term at Cresset Day Care Center Essay

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For the first term I went to the Cresset Day care centre. The Cresset day care centre is a day care centre for the elderly where they come to interact with other services that are there. The first day at this placement I was scared and nervous because I haven’t done anything like this before. The first few days that I was there I didn’t know what I was doing. However as the days went on I knew what I could and could not do. The Strengths that I had during this placement was that I was very good at active listening skills. For example when one of the service users was talking about their childhood I made sure that I was making eye contact with them which showed then that I was listening to what they were saying. I also make sure that I was not fiddling with anything. This then showed the service users that I was taking an interest in what they were saying and makes them feel like they are wanted and cared for because I am listening to what they are saying. The negative that I had in this term were that I did not interact with the staff. For example on the first day I wasn’t sure what I was meant to do and instead of asking someone I sat on the chairs. For example when they were handing the dinners out I was just sitting on the chair because I was not sure what I was meant to do. This then was bad for because I did not gain any experience when they were handling the dinners out. On the other hand if I asked them what I could do to help then then I could have gained…