My Test: A Short Story

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My parents were eager for me to take my permit test so I could get my license. I got on my computer and searched up practice tests so I would be prepared for the real test. Later that week I finally felt confident enough to take the test so my brother drove me to the DMV in Fort Bragg. I walked in and grabbed a number, I was number 33. I looked up and saw the number 16 lighting up in red. The DMV was packed, there were only a couple chairs left without people sitting in them and some people were even standing. It smelled empty even though it was full of people. By the time I got the test I only had 30 minutes to take it before the DMV would close. When I looked at the first question, I automatically got a knot in my stomach. I was so scared of failing that I was shaking. …show more content…
I said “no, but almost”. On the last couple questions I had to rush so I would finish in time. After I finished I walked over and handed the test to her. When she got the test she started to grade it. I saw her marking a lot of the questions wrong, the knot in my stomach was getting worse. When she handed it back to me she said “you didn't pass, but you can come back in two weeks to retake it”. When I got back to the car I told my brother I didn't pass. He tried to make me not feel bad about it, but I wasn't sad about not passing anyway because I knew I could study more before I took it next time. Two weeks later I went to the dmv to retake the test. This time I felt more confident about passing it. When I sat down and looked at the test I started panicking. I kept thinking you have to pass this time. I would be so embarrassed if I didn't pass the second time. After I took the test I walked over to have it graded. When she finished grading it she handed it back saying the same thing as the first time. I looked down and saw I got 10