My Thoughts On Society And Our Behavior

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My Thoughts on Society and our Behavior
Monday, December 05, 2011

The assembling perspective of societies collective behavior states that we can understand collective behavior by examining how and why people move from different points in space to a common area. Is this not just a fact that all people are driven to surround themselves with other people? It is not illogical to say that we (as humans) are all in the world not knowing what the hell really is going on. We are born with certain basic instincts that provide us with the basics of survival such as when you’re hungry- you eat, when u are thirsty- you drink and when you’re tired- you sleep. Also human biology practically does all the rest of basic functions by processing food, water, sleep, energy, knowledge, etc. And developing a productive or counterproductive product (waste, energy, responsiveness). So I purpose that we are just here (alive on earth) and we surround ourselves with other people. We consciently and unconsciently rely on one another to determine and mold our perception of where, what, why, who and how. Where are we? What is real, made-up, right, wrong, true and untrue? (Biggest question) Wherever we are, why are we here is there even a purpose or are we actually just here to reproduce and die? If we are here only to reproduce and die then what’s the actual point… why be alive just to die and create something that eventually is also going to die as well. This is just a vicious circle with no purpose. Or is it? Society and all living things logically can be just test dummies. We as people with all our differences (physically, emotionally, spiritually…etc) are just the trial and error of something/someone that to date is none describable and possibly even noncomprehendable. Since no one in the world is exactly the same, could it be that something is just disposing of every flaw on an attempt to create a “perfect” being. Our existence can’t be as coy as to just being here to reproduce there is always a bigger picture.
Another big question is the who discussed above. Who are we to start, who do we become and who do we base our decisions, roles and lives on. First who are we to start: very vaguely we are nothing we are just another organism on this place we collectively decided was Earth. We are just the children of our parents and what we call homosabians; nothing more. Secondly who do we become: well this is based on two apparent influences. One being who and or what we base our lives on. Followed by two being freewill vs. destiny. Since one will be discussed later in my rant I will discuss number 2. So fate/destiny or free will. I believe that it is a mix of both. It is easy to prove the fate theory because no matter what we end up doing in today’s society we are all destined to die. Also we are all born so is that not a sort of fate? Now the concept of free will in my mind is just a joke. Yes we all make our own decisions but are they not based on previous decisions, alternative concepts and society based ideals? If you touch something hot, you get burnt and learn not to touch something else hot due to the consequence. Although that is a very primitive example is it not the same for everything. If you try something and it fails or say something and you get a negative response you are likely not to do it again. Thus, every decision is based on another or previous experience; where’s the free will in that? Before you even make a choice it is already practically made for you. As an infant it is similar except you are spoon fed your parents and teachers so called ideas; which if following what was stated above is just a false since of free will (actually fate). Then is your child hood not prescribed to you as well? Are you still looking for that free will that we all naïvely like to believe. Individually we are nothing; we came up with the notion of free will so we can have a false pretence of worth. This is not a bad thing because it gives people