My Two Writing Myths That I Chose To Write About Are Essay

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My two writing myths that I chose to write about are ,writing does not require planning and writing is easy .Writing does require planning. I never really had to write in an academic or professional style ,until now. I never knew that there was a prewriting process that helps you prepare to write before you ever put the pen to paper. Some of the prewriting activities are free writing ,brainstorming,and clustering . There is so much more involved in the writing process than I ever knew before now. The second myth I have believed true is that writing is easy . Writing is not as easy as I once thought . There is way more invoved than just writing .Journal writing is the only writing I have ever done ,It is easy writing because with this writing it’s not meant for anyone else to read. You don’t need to capture an audience with journal writing ,academic writing is so much different than I ever thought to be . there is different guidelines and formats that you have to learn and use in academic writing .i have been trying to read the university guidelines to writing and I will have to learn the APA style of writing .writing is much harder than I thought ,the myth being that writing is easy is just that a myth.This class has helped me overcome these myths about writing ,by teaching the correct information .It is surprising to me how I have always thought these myths were true ,I have never had an opportunity to know or read otherwise .Now that I am a student at the…