My Voyage To Betune Cookman University

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Ja’Cori Lowery
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26 June, 2014

My Voyage to Bethune Cookman University Beginning with my first Florida classic, the colors of maroon and gold captured my eyes. From the football team to the band and the fans chanting and cheering in the stands, I knew I wanted to be a Wildcat. From the unique history of the school to the awesome charisma of the staff, Bethune-Cookman University was a dream that turned into a reality to help fulfill my visions and goals. Growing up Bethune-Cookman University was a household name. My childhood was filled BCU alumni who were very intelligent and amazing individuals.
From that moment, I thought if they can be this amazing what can I be and more. That moment and thought changed my life because it was the first time my heart was attached to something special, it was a connection that was meant to be. Sitting in the fan-filled stands with the chanting of the crowds watching a football game, all of a sudden, just in the nick of time, a rumble in the tunnel was awakened. It was that feeling of your feet vibrating until they become numb, your body shaking and that awkward place that you go to within yourself where you hear your heart pound against your chest. Every beat, every moment, every inkling of your body comes together and life comes to a pause. Your mind races for excitement and suspense. It could be the trotting of the football player’s feet or the loud thump of the bass drum that goes BOOM!
One knows that it’s something special. As the volume of the crowd gets louder and the rumble gets louder at the peak climax and a loud horn just busts the wind with a bang, the marching wildcats high step out the tunnel with pride and swag . Coming behind them is the beautiful and shiny 14 karat gold girls dancing to the music. The school spirit filled cheerleaders runs out after the band. Then the hype and overwhelmed chanting football teams charges out with the fierce and intense attitude of victory.
On the other hand there were many obstacles. Anything worth having is worth fighting for. “Jacori, I’m sorry but after looking at your ACT scores you are not college ready”, says my high school guidance counselor. I replied with “what can I do to increase my scores?” In a very sarcastic and doubting voice Ms.Crossley-Taylor replied with “we have tutoring sessions but it is almost impossible to increase five points. Maybe you should try community college for two years”. Hearing