My Writing Class Reflection

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Before I started this class, I thought it would be way harder than I thought. The teacher said we would be writing daily, but it’s not as hard as I thought. I felt a little worried that I would not pass or anything like that, but now I know I’m a better writer than I had expected. If I could rate my writing, I would give myself a seven. Since I am missing three points for a 10, I obviously have some obstacles. The hardest obstacles that I face during writing are focusing, keep the story flowing and vocabulary. I thought that I would become a way better writer since I imagined so much more writing. My expectation for this class was a boot camp for writing. I would say what helped me most in this class were the topics. The topics were so random that I …show more content…
I got to say that the writing that I mostly enjoyed was rap. Writing my own poetry was actually entertaining. I also got a chance to find out that my voice was horrible. It was very fun for me because I got to work in a team and performed live in front of the class. Since this was a team effort I had lots of sharing of effort and grade. Sharing among peers meant less work, but had to do work equally among three. It benefited me in a way I guess. I suppose that it will help me out for group projects in future projects/assignments. So I am grateful for that. Writing for me now is very fun and is easy to do. I feel like a weight has been lifted now that I know how to write somewhat properly. My goal is to write perfectly though. I still have room for more improvements, but what about the ones that have already been accomplished. I would say that I have accomplished writing a certain amount of words in a certain amount of time. That is probably my number one accomplishment. Now as a writer, I would say I have become less vulnerable to challenging topics that the STAAR throws at us. Now I’m going to use my writing skills to get through the next three