My Writing Process

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I have seen my progressively change over the semester as a result of this course and the essays we read. Some of the most helpful essays have been Nancy Sommers’ essay “Revision strategies of Student Writers and Experienced Adult Writers” and Thomas Osborne’s “Late Nights, Last Rites, and the Rain-Slick Road to Self-Destruction”. These essays were very relatable to me and touched on some of the key items that I often find myself struggling with in my writing process.
One of the biggest things I struggled with is writing continuously without interruption. This would affect my work greatly, as I would often lose my train of thought in the middle of a sentence and in some extreme cases completely forget to finish the sentence. In one of my essays at the
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My transitioning was very poor and in this example in particular I started every sentence with “The Beatles” instead of using transitions to allow the sentences to flow from one another. What helped the the most with this issue in particular is reading my classmate’s essays in class and noticing how they transitioned and how some of their sentences molded together as if they were puzzle pieces specifically designed to fit together. The last major thing that I have improved upon since starting this class is finding my writing voice. My writing style is very short and to the point with not much extra imagery or describing of things. However I have gotten a little better about writing about things with a little more detail and less directness.
Another example of American literature that demonstrates lack of freedom is La Amistad, in La Amistad Cinque is captured with a net and dragged to a ship to be sold in Spain. He is physically constrained and does not have the freedom to move anywhere or leave the ship and stay in his home country. While on the ship he revolts against his captors and kills them. He is then put into a prison where he remains chained and in a