My Writing Process

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Journal Entry # 1 The steps of my current writing process that I take when I approach a writing assignment for school or work are as follows:

1. PREWRITING: a. First, I choose a topic to write. b. Second, I decide what style essay I prefer to write (such as Descriptive, Persuasive, Narrative, etc.). c. Followed by brainstorming via freewriting (writing non-stop, putting all of my thoughts on paper).

2. PLANNING: a. First, I utilize a graphics organizer to organize my brainstorming from when I did the freewriting and to keep the relevant and get rid of the irrelevant. (Also, to allow for better readability).
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Moving on from the planning stage, I start drafting. I do so by using my thesis statement and outline as a guide while writing the first draft. b. Finally, once I am done writing the first draft, I proceed to print out the rough draft.

4. REVISING: a. After completing and publishing a first draft, I then transition into the fourth stage of the writing process: Revising. b. By doing so, I follow the steps listed below, to revise my draft: i. First, I read my essay to myself, then out loud. Then (rearrange, adjust, add to, take out) any necessary revisions I notice, for higher quality in readability. Next, I repeat the first process of reading it to myself, and out loud. ii. Second, I ask someone else to do the same as mentioned above. iii. Third, I retype the newly revised draft. If required, I repeat the above two steps, until I am satisfied with the results. At this point, I reprint the final, revised draft. iv. Finally, I put my writing away and take a break for twenty-four hours.

5. PROOFREADING: a. Upon completion of the first four of the five stages of the writing process, I begin proceeding through the final phase of
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Here are the steps I take while performing the fifth step of writing: i. First, I proofread my latest draft to myself, then out loud. Followed by correcting any errors that I notice right away (including spelling, grammar usage, punctuation, etc.). ii. Second, I ask someone else to repeat the identical steps, as previously mentioned (proofreading steps: a., b. and i.). iii. Third, I make changes as advised by the person assisting with proofreading. Next, I re-read out loud, then to myself, starting from top to bottom and from bottom to top. Moreover, checking that I properly added all in-text citations (by using a citation generator from the Center for Writing Excellence), alongside correctly including a reference page. iv. Fourth, I ask someone to do the same, followed by checking my referencing and in-text citations. v. Fifth, I retype the final, proofread copy of my essay or writing assignment and run it through Followed by checking it a second time, through a different service (, for a second