My Zombies Myself Analysis

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The article “My Zombie, Myself: Why Modern Life Feels Rather Undead,” written by Chuck Klosterman, discusses the reasons behind why zombies have become so popular. Klosterman writes about the differences between the rise in popularity of zombies and vampires. He states that most monsters are initially created as representations of fear. Similar to that of Frankenstein or vampires, Klosterman explains that zombies could be viewed in the same manner. However, Klosterman writes that zombies are better explained as an allegory for day to day life. He shares that people create connections between daily tasks and zombies. Klosterman relates a common life task, such as going through email after the weekend, to zombies. He states that zombies are portrayed as being very easy to kill, come in large quantities, and have no depth of character. He writes that zombies remind people of browsing the internet and how that can be a drain on their consciousness. Klosterman also discusses that there are actually people in our world that are preparing for a zombie apocalypse. He then reaffirms that zombies are not something that people can connect to character wise, rather the belief is that the similarity to our lives, in other ways, is what has made zombie culture so popular. …show more content…
I was relieved to read a paper that had concrete analyses and did not make it feel like I should be thinking a certain way. I believe that a solid article can present its main idea, yet still leave it up to the reader to decide its validity. Klosterman communicates his message simply and to the point. I felt that Klosterman kept a consistent flow throughout the article until the very end. Klosterman writes of people who prepare for the zombie apocalypse. The example of these people felt out of place, and was poorly connected to the main topic. I felt that it should have been developed more, or left out