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Customer Report is a user­friendly municipality website that provides a functional resource for the driving public to satisfy all motor vehicle formalities. The state of Connecticut has approximately 2.6 million drivers and we are currently the third smallest state in the country by area, therefore there is high growth potential in this market in hopes for future expansion
(State Master). As owners of, our ideal customers are licensed drivers with access to an Internet connection, who’s main focus is to strive for convenience in their daily lives. Due to the fact that the average customer for is a wide range of people, there is an opportunity to appeal to a large market. The analysis of’s potential customers consisted of targeting multiple Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) users ranging from new to experienced drivers as well as attempting interviews with current DMV employees. From these interviews, we were able to obtain insightful information to better assess the services that would be most beneficial to our customers.
Our first interviewee was a twenty­one year old female who was frustrated about the lack of convenience with the current system at the DMV. Based on the results of the interview, it is apparent that the viability of an online DMV website is high. Her responses suggested that the biggest advantage of an online service would be convenience and availability to use at any time. This individual stated, “I dread my annual visit to the DMV, its always such a hassle and a waste of my time”. Based on this statement, we can presume that there is high frustration associated with the current DMV process. These concerns of current customers has led us to take advantage of the large demand for modern alterations to the system and allowed us to add in specific features to our website based on their wants and needs. This particular customer stated that the most attractive thing about an online DMV service would be the ability to monitor the status and progress of any current DMV transactions.
In order to gain further insight into our customers needs we conducted a brief survey of 25 students located specifically in Storrs, CT attending the University of Connecticut.
The survey results were that 21 out of 25 (84%) students preferred using the four already available DMV online services from Connecticut’s Department of Motor Vehicle website. A significant result showed was that 6 people considered themselves an 8 on a Likert rating scale of 1­10, 10 being the most technologically savvy. On this same question, 5 students rated themselves at the highest range of 10 in relation to being tech savvy. Therefore, the results demonstrate that the majority of our sample population considered themselves capable of navigating and operating the websites functions. To take accountability for our survey, we understand that we have an insignificant sample size and are unable to draw any real and definite conclusions at this point. We also understand that the scales may be subjective to some

people, for instance, concerning the questions on “How technologically savvy are you?”, a person with a high experience on computers may rate themselves lower based on the knowledge that technology is constantly changing. The fact of this possible subjectivity might have had an effect on the results in our research. However, technological usability is not a high concern for our website based on the idea that the majority of our customers will most likely have sufficient computer knowledge to open the Internet and complete basic functions on a website. Another DMV customer interviewed was a 51­year­old architecture professor at the
University of Hartford who also works as a Real Estate agent at William Reveis. She is a mother of