Myer Case Study

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Environmental Performance

As large of a retail business Myer is, running its day-to-day operating activities can have a significant impact towards the environment. Especially when taking into account their levels of production such as their use of energy, carbon emission levels, recycling of materials and the level of waste.

For the levels of waste Myer has widespread their recycling programs which is distributed across a variety of stores, support offices and supply stores. These programs include in recycling retail products that are used in stores such as clothes hanger, security tags, cardboard, paper, plastic film, pallets, metals and other pallet sheets. Support offices are also recycling paper towels and commingled containers. Myer
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Myer have decreased their energy consumption by 2.9% and have also reduced their carbon emission by 5% compared to last years figure.
Myers ‘Floor Read’ program is also striving to achieve store product handling efficiency by continuing to reduce their consumer packaging and their use of recyclable packaging materials and improve the supply chain by reducing the transportation of stock to other stores. At July 2014 Myer managed to get most of there suppliers to sign the ‘Floor Ready’ agreement which turned out to be 70% of merchandise was complaint with the campaign standards.

To conclude Myers Environmental sector, Myer seem to be well established in their levels of energy consumption bring able to reduce energy use by 2.9% is a great improvement for the environmental and a reduction in 5% for carbon emissions positively impacts Myers carbon footprint. Along with Myers ‘Floor Ready’ campaign to improve packing design and reduce packaging waste and Myer have successfully compliant over 70% of suppliers to join the movement to reduced waste and improve the environmental