Myer Swot Analysis Essay

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1. Introduction 2. SWOT analysis 3. Stakeholder analysis 4. Strategic Initiatives 5.1 Suitability and Feasibility 5.2 Impact on major stakeholders 5.3 Shareholder value implication 5. Proposals to management 6. Strategy Map and Balanced Score Card 7. Conclusion
Appendix A External Analysis
Appendix B Internal Analysis

Executive Summary
Myer, the largest department store retailer in Australia, re-listed on the Australian Stock in November 2009.
Howard McDonald (Chairman of Myer) declared an Offer to the investors in order to achieve Listing on ASX and provide Myer with additional financial flexibility to pursue growth opportunities,
Since changing the ownership
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Suppliers concern about the growth of sales as that means more suppliers’ products can be sold. Moreover, the continuity of relationship and company image are also important to suppliers. On the other hand, suppliers always seek the higher pricing level that might cause a conflict of interest. Generally speaking, the interest of suppliers is mostly aligned with shareholder’s value in a long run.
The last but not the least stakeholder is community/society. The major interests the community focused include local community engagement, environmental protection, and moral and ethics issues. Myer considers the focus on community initiatives as an enduring aspect of the corporate philosophy that could help to drive customer loyalty and reinforce the brand reputation. Myer’s rapid response to Victoria’s tragic Black Saturday bushfires in February 2009, donate $2.5 million to the Salvation Army’s bushfire appeal, illustrates its strong connection with community.

4. Strategic Initiatives
4.1Suitability and Feasibility
To grow successfully company must properly define and focus on its profitable core. Myer outlined series of strategic initiatives that contribute to it overall grow strategy, which is expected to drive attractive returns for shareholders and at the same time increasing Myer’s customer appeal (Myer Prospectus 2009 (Prospectus 5.11, p.74). There