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Mykayla Crain
Mr. Lambert
28 October 2014 Plato was a great philosopher and mathematician and a very influential figure in philosophy, Plato’s “Allegory of the Cave” relates to the matrix in many ways it seems as to me the writer of the matrix had a strong philosophical background and based the movie the Matrix off of ancient influential philosophers and philosophies and the truth behind reality. The character which best portrays and represents the prisoner who escapes the cave and comes back to enlighten others is the character Neo. Prisoners in a cave are locked down and some may not realize and unaware they are prisoners Neo, can be represented as a prisoner in a cave because he was convinced to believe he was a slave in the world he was in.
In the Matrix and “Allegory of the Cave” Nao’s, mind was challenged to metaphysics which is the study of the most general or ultimate characteristics of reality or existence. Plato believes metaphysical “perfect world” where immortal souls learn their innate knowledge is simply part of the biological and cognitive software that humans come knowledgeable with. Neo had a choice of two different options in a pill form and one was to stay with the physical world and continue on with his daily activities and such or to go beyond the physical world and explore his free will, his mind and self. Epistemology is the study of knowledge and it involves identifying criteria and methodologies to determine what we know and why we know it. Epistemology opens up the nature of reality such as a prisoner trying to escape Plato’s cave and Neo being enslaved, how do they really know if where…