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Essay # 3 (Library/Research/ “Family Thread”) Sitting at the back of the classroom without being able to read what is written on the board is an irritating feeling. When I started to squint my eyes to see what was on the board it was more than irritating: it was now a daily thing that I did. I went to the doctor to examine my eyes and I found out I had myopia. Myopia is a common eye disorder among the American population. (A) “Myopia is a condition of nearsightedness caused by the elongation of the eyeball or by an error in refraction so that parallel rays are focused in front of the retina. Myopia can be classified as curvature myopia, index myopia, and pathologic myopia. Also called nearsightedness, short sight, shortsightedness.” Many of us have witnessed someone sitting in the back of the classroom with myopia that they may resemble someone with a headache, grabbing their head, squinting eyes, or they even put their head down on the table. A number of solutions are available for people with myopia but receiving and eye exam is the first step. Correction of myopia is needed because without correction a person is impaired and may not be able to function as he normally would. No one can deny that having to wear glasses all the time can seem to be a little annoying. In contrast to the belief; correction glasses will increase comfort, productivity, and endurance. “They will, in many cases, permanently increase distance clarity as well.” (from Dr. Gallop’s article on nearsightedness). Myopia can be first noticed in children around first grade or second grade. Their grades may show it, mainly because they can’t see the board; they will tend to lose attention in the subject. They problem can be corrected with glasses at the young age, and if the glasses are worn as told, myopia may be corrected and after a few years the child may no longer need glasses. Even if no symptoms are present, everyone should have an eye examination at least once every two years. Myopia is an eye problem that starts slowly and then gradually becomes a large discomfort for the eyes. There is really no way to prevent myopia and in contrast to belief, watching television or being in a computer does not cause it. Diagnosis of nearsightedness in early stages is important, because anyone can suffer educationally and socially by not being able to see well at a distance. Myopia is a disease that worsens during the growth period and it usually stops progressing as a person stops growing in his early twenties. It is not a life threatening disease but if it can be taken care of, life will be so much