Myrtle's Wealth In The Great Gatsby

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During this period many Americans spend their lives of the budget on food, apparels, and entertainments. By doing this, it displays many Americans to have a feeling of wealth like those aristocrats in the West. Myrtle, Gatsby, and Daisy, the characters in F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby, represent how the lifestyle of the American society devotes to unnecessary extravagances. Their wealth, although have abundant of prosperities, are never satisfied their desire for higher social class.
The desire for a sumptuous life is what lures Myrtle into having affair with Tom, a wealthy young man. Her decision betrays her marriage with George, which leads to distrustfulness in their relationship. When Myrtle arrives at Tom’s apartment in New York,
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He has been fascinating by her wealth since he was an impoverished officer. When “[Gatsby] went to [Daisy’s] house … with other officers … It amazed him–he had never been in such a beautiful house before” (148). He infatuates with Daisy because she is beautiful; in fact, his love increases, as he believes that her beauty inherently connects to her wealthy status that surrounding her. While Gatsby was away in war, Daisy sends him a letter telling him that she marries to Tom, instead of waiting for Gatsby because Tom has lots of money. After Gatsby comes back for Daisy with full of money, he knows that Daisy is attracted to wealth, therefore, by throwing the magnificent parties in town, it demonstrates how prosperous Gatsby is and to attract Daisy’s attention. When Gatsby “invited [Daisy] to come to tea” (83), he wants Daisy to see his house to impress her with his possessions. Daisy overwhelms by his luxurious, and when Gatsby shows her his expensive shirts, she starts to cry, not because of she in love with Gatsby, but his possessions. In Gatsby’s opinion, if Daisy impresses with his wealth, then she will love him as well. Although, Gatsby becomes wealthy, he still feels dissatisfied with his social