Mystery of the Philadelphia Experiment Essay

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Mystery of the Philadelphia Experiment One day in the year 1943, a man named Carlos Miguel Allende claims to have seen a ship turn invisible! He was on a navy boat by the name of the SS Andrew Furuseth. He spotted a ship named the USS Eldridge in the distance. He described the scene he had witnessed by explaining how a green fog began to surround the ship. In just a short amount of time only the hull was visible, and then it had completely disappeared. Not only had the ship turned invisible, but it had also teleported from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, to Norfolk, Virginia in just a matter of minutes. Allende had just been one of the few to witness The Philadelphia Experiment (Turner). The Eldridge was not the only thing Allende saw exhibiting strange effects (Turner). He also witnessed what happened to the people aboard the Eldridge (Turner). Allende had seen the horrible side effects of the experiment(Turner). Allende said, “... men caught fire, went mad, and the most bizarre of all, some were imbedded half way into the deck of the ship. Others phased in and out of this reality...” (Turner). After this experiment all the men on the ship were sworn to secrecy, and discharged as mental incompetents (Moore 20). The purpose of the experiment is not confirmed, but it is believed to be complete radar invisibility. The explanation is widely accepted because the time of this experiment was during WWII when America needed weapons to fight. It is not believed by many conspiracist that this ship was made invisible with an electromagnetic field and antigravity technology. Some people even believe that this experiment ripped a hole in space and time itself. Later in this paper there will be a more detailed explanation of how this could be possible (Turner). In 1955 Allende began to send “a series of strange letters” to a man by the name of Morris K. Jessup. Jessup was an author who had written the book “The Case for the UFO”. Allende sent him these letter because he believed there was some sort of connection between the methods of propulsion of the Philadelphia Experiment and what Jessup wrote about in “The Case for the UFO”. Allende trusted Jessup because the magnetic field’s Jessup talked about in his book, were the same as the magnetic field at the Philadelphia experiment. Jessup wrote about the magnetic fields without any knowledge of the Philadelphia experiment (Turner). Allende’s notes each describe the Philadelphia Experiment and many things affiliated with it. Allende’s first note talked mostly about what happened when he witnessed the ship disappear. Upon Jessup obtaining the first note, he simply thought that Allende was crazy. Jessup assumed that Allende was a crackpot and did not know what he was talking about (Turner). Although Jessup did not believe Allende at the time, he still did take three different considerations (Moore 85). Jessup’s first though was that it was most likely fake, and that he was either crazy or created the entire story in his mind (85). The second thought was that all the events Allende talked about were true (85). His last thought was that the letters could have been exaggerated and distorted (85). About 2 year after Jessup received the first letter, he was contacted by Captain Sidney Sherry and Commander George Hoover. Both of the people were naval researchers. The two of them had received a copy of Jessup’s book. In the book were annotations made by who Jessup thought he recognized as Allende. The annotations in the book were notes on the Philadelphia Experiment and connections with Jessup’s book. The navy had discovered a hidden secret, and Jessup was beginning to believe Allende (Turner). After the previous event, Jessup claimed that his life was becoming “plagued”. His life and research both got progressively worse. Jessup also then claimed that “strange coincidences” began to happen. In 1959 Jessup talked to one of his friends and said he had finally found something big. The day