Myth For English 2 Essay

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By Zack Kirtz

In the beginning of time, foxes roamed the world. They had their own settlements and villages that thrived with all they needed, food water, anything they wanted. Everyone was happy and always did the right thing. However, there was Alfredo, a trouble making, mischievous fox who was always wreaking havoc throughout the village. If someone told him to do something, he would do the complete opposite of what they told him. He lied, cheated, stole, anything that could put him in trouble, he was doing it. One day Everest, the eldest of all the foxes gathered everyone up to a town meeting, everyone had to attend. He spoke with an aged and raspy voice “The gods have sent us a gift.” Everyone starred inventively in confusion to see what he was going to say next. “A tree, a tree full of endless fruits and food enough to last us a lifetime.” They stand in awe and amazement of this beautiful gift that they have received. “However, they have one rule, in order for us to prove that we deserve such a gift, we cannot pick or eat any of the fruits on this tree for three months under any circumstances, am I understood?” All of the foxes agreed and understood why they could not, except Alfredo. He thought that the rule was pointless and thought if we are going to have such a precious gift, why not actually use it? So that night while everyone was asleep, he snuck out. He scurried along to the tree and was mesmerized by its beauty. The fruits were irresistible, the red fruits glowed while they hung from the giant green luscious tree. So he quickly one by one snatched as many as his hands could hold and said “no one will notice” as he