Myth Of Violence Against Women

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Violence against women is not a myth. Even mentioning violence against women often causes people to avert their eyes, rub the back of their necks, or exhale nervously – shielding their conscious from the imaginary blows. 70% of women worldwide will be victims of physical or sexual abuse by a significant partner in their lifetime (Vagianos). Women all over the world are punched, hit, slapped, kicked, and subjected to numerous forms of evil at the hands of the ones who are supposed to love them most. Violence against women is a world-wide infection that crushes, degrades, and inhibits women across the globe. The crushing blows of domestic violence are absorbed by women in many spheres of

life: rich or poor, abuse does not discriminate. Every
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More and more research shows that when women are abused, it has repercussions for them, and for those around them. First, women who are victims of abuse are at risk for a plethora of problems, including, but not limited to: physical, mental, sexual and reproductive health problems, depression, PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder), eating disorders, and increased risk of alcoholism and suicide. Violence against women also has a severe effect on children that are in that volatile situation. Children that grow up in homes that encourage violence against women are detrimental to those children’s mental well being. They grow up learning that violence against women is permit-able, women are worth less than men, and women deserve violence. Society has turned a blind eye to gender-violence. For women around the world this has lead to isolation, inability to work, lower wages, and restrictions from various activities. Compounding these problems further, there is weak legal support for victims of sexual violence. Victims are often to afraid to speak up, and if they do, they are often disregarded or their credibility is questioned. A poignant quote by writer Margaret Atwood simply puts the issue, “Men are afraid that women will laugh at them. Women are afraid that men will kill them.” (Margaret). The injustice that millions of women face every day is heightened by the silence of millions more who observe their quiet