Mythologic spirits U.S.A Essay

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For Native Americans he was the god of the change, transformation and Improvement. He did everything possible to change the ancient world for the better, despite much opposition from his contemporaries. Whenever he saw something bad, he did something about it. The belief was that dirt was a bad thing, so he transformed it into humans. This is a good example that with proposition we can change all the negative, turn it positive, and try to make everything better.

For Native Americans, the coyote is a spirit guide, so he is seen as a gatekeeper through which we can come to a fuller life, spiritually, physically and emotionally. The spirit of the coyote can teach the tricks of life, the essential teachings in our daily lives. The coyote has many identifying features, some of them negative, these negative traits are symbols of human obstacles in their path and they must overcome if they want to improve. The Coyote is the symbol of the ability to transform through learning that gives us life. This is one reason why we chose the Coyote because thanks to him humans could take awareness and find another way than war to solve our problems and our differences.

First, the raven for Native Americans is the bearer of magic, and a harbinger of messages from the cosmos. Messages that are beyond space and time are at Raven jet wings and perceive only those who are worthy of the knowledge.

The raven is also invoked in indigenous rituals for healing.

represents enthusiasm, excelling in all areas related to innovation and growth as a human being.

our planet right now is very polluted and very…