Essay on Mythology and Psycology

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Luongo 1
Jenna Luongo
Dr. Ponzer and Dr. Massey
Core 390 01
11 December 2014 For someone to find themselves, they need to find what is right for them. Experiencing good and bad at a point in one’s life, helps them discover what kind of person they will be.
Experiences help an individual find themselve, and open up to new things they would never experience before. Years ago, in Greece individuals were arguing about what is the right way to live and what people should believe and live by. BOOK II AND THE ALLEGORY OF THE CAVE
Plato and Socrates claim that bad myth should not be taught, and only good myth should be taught to children. This is shown in Book II, by Plato. In Book II, Plato claims that all bad myths should be discarded and only the good myths should be kept and those are only allowed to be taught. Plato wants a perfect society, and for him to achieve a perfect society he only wants good. The bad according to Plato will bring chaos to this “good” society. This is shown through
Plato trying to pursue the nurses and mothers to teach their children the good and not the bad.
Plato wants to censor education to have his perfect society, and if they allow the bad to be taught they will not have their perfect society.
In the Allegory by Plato, four men were chained to the floor for most of their lives. The men were chained so they could not move their arms, and legs, or turn their heads. The men were

Luongo 2 only able to look forward at a screen. Behind the men, was fire where objects and people would walk on a pathway to create shadows to show the four men. Up until one day, one of the four men, was released, they believed what they were seeing on the screen was reality, that was life to them. He was able to stand up for the first time in years, and turn around. When he turned around he saw the fire that was creating the illusions they had been seeing their whole life. After he saw that, he thought that was reality. The man who released the man that was chained to the ground, bought him from the cave, up to the real world. It took the man that was chained up time to adjust to light, the sun. When he walked around, he noticed the shadows of objects because that was what he was use to for so long. Until he realized that there were actual objects present. His whole life he was living in this illusion and a lie. THE BIRTH OF TRAGEDY AND OTHER WRITINGS
According to Nietzsche, he states that individuals need both good and bad in their lives. He states this through the “Tragedy “. Socrates and Euripides were telling the students to not follow the gods, the tradition of getting drunk by the gods was wrong.

Nietzsche describes this as a struggle, it is a battle between myth and philosophy.
Nietzsche describes Greek art Nietzsche stated that if you take away myth you become unhealthy, you need myth and science in your life in order to be healthy. “We shall never comprehend the supreme value of tragedy until, like the Greeks, we experience it as the essence of all prophylactic healing energies, as a mediator between the strongest and inherently most fateful qualities of a people.” (Guess & Speirs, 1999)

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This is the answer to all the crisis and chaos Nietzsche says. Nietzsche think it is a bad idea to take science away, he re­examines the idea of disregarding myth. Everything that
Nietzsche says the only ideal answer goes right back to myth, stating that individuals needs myth in their lives to be healthy.
Nietzsche had three steps which leads to the answer of myth being healthy. The first step is claiming about modern society, the second step is crisis of modern society, this is the delusion of Socrates, that there is no possible answer. The third step is the purpose, which is myth is saving and healing. Nietzsche states, “Behind this way of thinking and evaluating, which is bound to be hostile to art if it is at all genuine, I had