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New Beginnings

The moon had just gone down and the snow was continuing to fall. The land of Alfheim, home of the light elves, had begun freeze under the power of Uiir, god of snow. The temples have ceased to let anyone in or out – leaving the young couple of Aphrodite and Prince Tyr behind in the wilderness. Tyr, son of Odin, told Aphrodite that it was time once again to force the elves to let them in. The cold would overwhelm their hut by evening. Only Aphrodite, goddess of love, manages to calm Tyr from demanding the opening of the temples. As minutes passed, both Tyr and Aphrodite agreed their cue to leave for Asgard, home to King Odin and the rest Norse gods, was when the first ray of the sun shines. They found no trouble as their journey began. He kept his pace steady and fast and continued even with Aphrodite asleep on Tyr’s back. The rainbow bridge had now grown in their sights. Tyr was overwhelmed over how nothing had changed over the thousands of years. It was time to see his family once again.
Entering the golden gates, they are greeted by nobody. The corridors had fallen silent, and everything was at a standstill. Aphrodite had woken up to realize the very same thing. It wasn’t her first time here but it might as well have been. Inner Asgard was laid in ruins, nobody was to be found. Tyr had grown concerned for his father. He wasn’t at his throne and neither was his mother beside it. It was only Aphrodite and Tyr left inside of Asgard, so it seemed. Tyr had lost all hope, but he then heard something. He had found his father behind his throne, or what remained of him. Odin managed to tell them what had occurred. The Greeks had overwhelmed their city - destroying everyone and everything. The remaining gods had run away to Nidavellir, world of the dwarfs, but this was all Odin managed to speak. Tyr was shocked by this discovery; his father was slain by the people Aphrodite had come from. She tried to calm enraged god down but it was useless. Through his anger, Tyr considered killing Aphrodite but it was pointless for only she could help his people. Now, the passing of Odin left Prince Tyr king of the throne; leaving him to become the new highest priority target. The peace between the Asgard and Olympus had clearly been broken and the truth was set to be discovered in Nidavellir. The stars were twinkling in the sky and Tyr was determined to find the dwarf city before sunrise. The couple found the entrance along with two dwarf guards standing under the gigantic stone gates. Aphrodite had grown afraid of the dwarfs because she had never seen such hideous creatures. The dwarfs’ teeth were grown past their mouths and had feet bigger than their entire bodies. The guards were unaware of the gods until they are directly in front of them. They begun a charge with their spears but were quickly turned into rugged stone. The sun had risen over the horizon, and the gates begun to close. Tyr throws Aphrodite through the gates, and he dives to get inside. They soon noticed that the Nidavellir had suffered the same fate as Asgard. The Greeks had left everything in ruins. Astonishingly, they spotted dwarfs running into a hole. There they discover a frightened family of dwarfs trembling inside. A dwarf speaks, “Please don’t kill us. We’ll do anything you want?” “We’re they?” Tyr demanded. “Your people should have never came here. They came and soon the Greeks followed. I had begged the elders to not to let them in,” said the dwarf. “Where did they go,” said Tyr. “They left for Niflheim, the first of the nine worlds. They said it was the only place the Greeks wouldn’t go after them and it’s true! They would all die during the journey. Travelling through Muspelheim (land of fire), and Jotunheim (land of the giants) is an impossible feat!” “I’ll kill you for saying that!” Tyr says as he pulls his sword towards the dwarf’s throat. “It’s only the truth,” cried the dwarf. “Let me go!” Aphrodite quickly tells Tyr to pull…