Essay on Mythology: Garden of Eden and Sacred Place

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Sacred Places 1. Applying his several points to the site of the Twin Towers, I conclude that the site is, indeed, sacred. His several points indicate that places become or are sacred by reasons of a mass death, human sacrifice, or human burial. Both, the Twin Towers and Gettysburg are settings of traumatic death. Civilians and those who serve both honor those past sacrifices and death where the deaths took place because it is a central component of respect to our neighbors. This concludes that the Twin Towers site is a sacred place of lost lives. 2. The two myths of the Zuni Emergence story and the Adam and Eve story differ in many ways. The myth of the Zuni Emergence connects the mythic people to an actual placated to a place called the Grand Canyon and Adam and Eve are connected to the Garden of Eden where it is not an actual place. Adam and Eve were made of lumps of mud by God and that was their master and Zunis’ were led by elder brother priest. They both disobeyed but to different masters. When the authors say “And those cultural values ultimately become our own sense of what is real and right and normal” they are expressing that because of these myths, humans are molded into what they are today. They give us a righteous path to follow and our conscious relies on these myths to depict right and wrong. The Christians and the Zunis relate to Earth differently by their sacred places. Zunis can physically go visit their sacred landscape whereas Christians…