Myths And Motifs In Tim Winton's In The Winter Dark

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Legends of big cats are preeminent in not only Victoria, but around the world. These legends have be perpetuated by ongoing reports of alleged big cat sightings in media outlets such as newspapers. This in turn, inspires the creation of pieces of pop culture that incorporates elements of the folklore. Thus maintaining the folklore and keeping it in the minds of the population. In many cases these pop culture pieces are created by locals who have firsthand exposure to the legends. For example, in the last couple of years, Gippslander Grant Robinson has travelled around the region collecting first hand accounts of big cat sightings which he included in his book titled Great Gippsland Mysteries. The cover of the book is engulfed in the image of the glowing eyes of a panther. …show more content…
The novel is marketed as a “gut-wrenching thriller”. The story takes place in valley called the Sink, which runs true to the landscape of a typical Victorian big cat sighting. During the course of the story locals of the sink are terrified by a “moving shadow” of a monster living in the swamp. At the beginning of the novel, Winton dedicates the story “for the Nannup Tiger, wherever you are” . Thus the novel was based on actual legends of the creatures. Nannup is a small country town in Western Australia (Where Winton is from). The Nannup Tiger is believed to be a Thylacine (Tasmanian Tiger). Many sightings of the animal have been reported. The legend of the Nannup Tiger is embedded in the local culture so much that they even have a statue of the animal