Research Paper On Sales Techniques

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As an introduction: video “Sales tips from a Bee” A. SELLING THEORIES 1. AIDAS 2. Right set of circumstances 3. Buyer formula theory 4. Behavioral equation theory 5. A typical sales process

B. PRELIMINARIES: GETTING IN TOUCH 1. Planning your approach
2 articles: How to get in touch 2. Appealing to buyers 3. Getting in touch: setting up the 1st meeting
Exercise: Start building your sales introduction
Exercise: arranging a meeting by phone 4. Opening a sales meeting
Doc: How to make a powerful 1st impression 8 steps for a successful sales call

SESSION 2 C. INVESTIGATING STAGE: UNDERSTANDING THE NEEDS OF CUSTOMER 1. Listening to your client * Technique « Active listening »
Video + exercises on “Active Listening” * Technique « Taking notes » 2. Understanding the needs of customers 3. Questioning for needs * Situation questions * Problem questions * Implications questions * Need Payoff questions * Doc on Implication Questions 4. Reviewing needs

D. DEMONSTRATING CAPABILITY : SALES PRESENTATION 1. Targeting the pitch 2. Presenting your credential * Adapt presentation for customer’s unique needs * Cover one idea at a time * Use appropriate amount of detail * Use proof devices to demonstrate benefits * Appeal to as many senses as appropriate * Balance telling, showing, and involvement * Develop creative presentations * Consider humor (in moderation) * Document the value proposition * Quantify the solution * Check sales tools * Summarize major points
Doc: construire un argumentaire produit choc 3. Asking for feedback
Exercise: a product presentation

E. HANDLING OBJECTIONS 1. Reactions to objection 2. Collecting data * Need for the product * Product or service * Source of the product * Time * Price 3. Reframing objections 4. Techniques for responding to objections * Direct denial * Indirect denial * Feel-Felt-Found * Questions * Superior benefit * Demonstration * Trial offer * Third-party testimony * Postpone method * Combination methods 5. Discussing price
Doc: overcoming the “it costs too much” objection
Exercise: reframing/responding to objections

F. OBTAINING COMMITMENT: CLOSING THE SALES 1. Obtaining commitment * Guidelines for Closing the Sale * Verbal clues * Non verbal clues 2. Closing Techniques * Trial close *