N ! A ! Kung Woman Summary

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N!ai, the Story of a !Kung Woman

The documentary N!ai, the Story of a !Kung Woman reflects the life of N!ai, a Ju/’hoansi woman, who tells her story based on how the society used to be before the white men arrived and how it affected the !Kung people’s life afterwards. N!ai tells the story of how her people lived in a sharing, egalitarian culture, which became interrupted as the white men introduced the concept of money. After the concept of money was introduced, the norms of the society changed as well, despite the fact that the !Kung people wanted it to stay the same. The problem with the introduction of money was the fact that the !Kung people experienced inequality in a society in which they were used to sharing everything equally. This was problematic for N!ai due to the fact that she was helping the white people shoot the documentary as well as worked other jobs for the white people, which led her to have more money than her fellow !Kung people who was mad at her for not sharing her income equally with everyone in the society. Further, the documentary
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In these societies, the spirits are seen as making the living sick in order to bring them to the spirit plane due to the fact that the spirits are lonely. The healers are trancing in order to meet with the spirits to talk them into leaving the diseased person alone. N!ai’s husband, Gunda, started to trance because N!ai rejected him as her husband and because she did not want him sexually. In order to get rid of his frustration, Gunda sought to other powers: healing and trancing. Gunda wanted to help the sick by preventing the spirits from getting people sick or killing them through trancing. Nevertheless, trancing can be dangerous due to the pressure it puts on the person trancing, which can lead to heart failure and